Our famous viking dinner:

~Viking Welcome~
Brennivín, authentic Icelandic schnapps served in sheep horn

~Tastes of Iceland~ 
Smoked lamb, smoked salmon, dried fish, Pickled herring and rye bread

~Ingólfur’s Dinner~ 
Traditional leg or file of lamb, served with baked potatoes, mixed vegetables, rhubarb dressing and gravy

~Ingólfur’s Dessert~
Icelandic skyr, served with bilberries and cream
Pancake, served with strawberry jam and ice-cream

~Coffee or Tea~
Including a taste of Icelandic chocolate


We have of course more options on our Viking menu.

For larger groups we devise menus, quite literally, to your taste

Please call (+354) 662 3400 to discuss your requirements

vikingdinner-ingolfsskali-refreshments Vikingdinner Ingolfsskali bar restaurant Ingólfsskáli Básinn Ölfus Hveragerði Ingólsfjall
Ingolfskali Restaurant for groups. Viking style. Viking dinner ingolfsskalinn sudurland Ingolfsskali Viking experience
Vikingdinner Ingolfskali Good food served by Vikings Vking style table setting gives a great atmosphere Ingolfsskali Restaurant Viking Ingolfur Ingolfsfjall
Restaurant for groups Ingolfsskali Viking Viking style table setting. No Swords and axes allowed. Viking Dinner Ingolfur Longhouse Sword Axe Bar Restaurant