Inólfsskáli follows the design of the Viking longhouses which the first settlers constructed when they arrived in Iceland in the late ninth and early tenth centuries.

In those days the walls were constructed with rough blocks of lava stone. An ‘A’ frame of timber then provided the base for a roof made from turfs. With no windows, and only a rudimentary chimney, these dwellings would certainly have been rather cosy.

The settler Ingólfur Arnarson arrived in Iceland in 874 AD eventually settling where the city of Reykjavík now stands. The old tales relate that he spent time in the shelter of Ingólfsfjall (Ingolfur’s Mountain) before building his farm.
No one can be sure where he stayed but we like to think it is where the Viking Restaurant of Ingólfsskáli now stands!

The sagas of the Icelanders are masterpieces of medieval literature and provide a vivid insight into the way life was lived in Iceland a thousand years ago.

At Ingólfsskáli we try and keep the old traditions alive.

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Ingolfsskali has great room for groups during our famus viking dinner Vikings and shield madens service you during viking dinner in Ingolfsskali